Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Congratulations Dunmore East

Congratulations to all involved in last weekends Festival of Fun, Food & Fish in Dunmore East. It is great to see all the businesses in the village pulling together and attracting the crowds. Dunmore East is, in my opinion, the prettiest little village this side of the Mississippi and needs nothing more than a little innovation of this type to continue to attract tourists and visitors and to thereby thrive long onto the future. Everything is there, hotels, bars, restaurants, parks, walks, busy beaches, secluded coves, woodland, shops, tennis courts, adventure centres...everything - including a gem of a playground for the small people.

The only thing that bothers me is the disgraceful state of the road covering on the Dunmore East road in the vicinity of Bell Lake. It is a bad as that excuse of a covering that was put on the Tramore Road last year and which now has bollards and warning notices alerting people to it. But there is not a whisper about the Dunmore Road.

It is an awful pity and one that I hope will not remain for too much longer. So come on Waterford County Council. What's the story? Get your act together on this one. Resurface the Dunmore East and Tramore roads immediately.

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