Thursday, December 4, 2014

Urbs Captus Est

Just putting up this record of the decision of the Council meeting of September 11th 2014 for posterity.

The City is taken. Tonight the Council voted by a majority of 25 to 7 to change the title of Cathaoirleach to that of Mayor. So Hogan and his minions assertions that 'the identity of Waterford City will be fully maintained, including the office of Mayor...' were lies - or ignorance. Nothing in the title of Cathaoirleach diminished the role and having now, two people using the title of Mayor will add to any confusion rather than diminish it in my opinion. It's a historic day for the City - or Metropolitan District as it is now titled in Hogans legislation. Not since 1285 when Roger de Lom was the first recorded Mayor, has the Mayor of Waterford City played second fiddle to anyone other than our Head of State.
Truly: Urbs Captus Est - Waterford City is taken. (I wonder how long it will be before they decide to take the title of Mayor from the Metropolitan District?)
Anyway. Tis done.
Very little left to lose - other than WIT and they're well on their way to taking that too.