Friday, July 3, 2009

The Best Things About Waterford

In response to a comment received on an earlier blog (thank you) I have decided to start a list (not exhaustive by any means) of all the positive things about Waterford City. I'm going to limit it to physical things in the city (as opposed to events like Spraoi or Tallships etc, or proximity to sea/mountains or even the friendliness of the people etc.).

And yes, I know the City is not perfect by a long shot and yes I will be doing everything in my power to tackle each and every problem but I agree with the comment received that we also need to be positive.

Please feel free to add to this list via your own comments or you can email me at and I will add them in.

1. Our Quays
2. The City Centre Marinas
3. The Millennium Plaza
4. Reginalds Tower
5. The Peoples' Park
6. Railway Square Park (pictured above)
7. The City Walls & Towers
8. Geoffs Bar
9. The Book Centre
10. The River Walk on the Dunmore Road
11. The cherry blossoms on The Mall in springtime
12. Waterford Museum of Treasures
13. John Roberts Square
14. Christ Church Cathederal
15. Hillside walk at Bilberry/Gracedieu
16. Regional Sports Centre
17. The new bypass Bridge
18. Garter Lane Arts Centre
19. Greyfriars Gallery
20. The Chamber of Commerce Building
21. The stony steps

As I said, this is just a first attempt so, come on Waterford - what do you like about our city?


Anonymous said...

When I was a student returning home for a weekend or the holidays I always felt a buzz of excitement passing over the bridge, often late at night with the lights guiding us along the quay. It was splendid and it was then that I new I was home.

Anonymous said...

Theatre Royal - can't wait to see it when it reopens
The clock tower
Flaggy Lane - when it's not smelly!