Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shooting Ourselves In The Foot AGAIN

Am I the only person who thinks that when Jack Burtchaell - who won a recent Tourism award, had a rant (covered extensively in the local media) about the drunks in Waterford the only thing he achieved was shooting himself, his own business and every other tourism related business in Waterford, right bang in the foot?

I'm not going to repeat the bulk of his arguments here - suffice to say that they covered things like graffiti and drunks. Now whether he's wrong or right isn't my point, for the moment. My point is that what he did was counter-productive and destined to damage his own business!

On a related matter - to claim that tourists, particularly American, have never seen graffiti or drunks is testing credibility somewhat. But that's neither here nor there. It all amounts to Waterford people taking the wrong route, highlighting negative things about the city (which believe me is no worse than any other Irish City and in my opinion is far better) and doing damage to us all and to our futures in the process.

When are we going to learn? When are we going to stop throwing out the baby with the bath water? When are we going to become part of the solution? When are we going to put our brains in gear before we kick our mouths into action?

This type of action could really be defined as sabotage - but the real irony is that its not anyone else sabotaging our city or our product, it's self-sabotage.

Jack Burtchaell runs a fantastic Walking tours of Waterford business - built out of his own extensive knowledge and innovation. Fair play to him. But I have spoken to other people in the tourism business here in Waterford who are most upset at his comments and who are not and never have been affected by either drunks or graffiti.

Surely it would have been better for Jack to use the opportunity to promote his own business and Waterford - which may not have received the same covergage perhaps - but neither would it have had the same potential for damage.

It's just my opinion - but there y'go.

Photo shows a lively and active John Roberts Square


tracey shaw said...

quality, I really like this, I saw something like this on http://www.hire-a-graffiti-artist.co.uk It maybe the same person or a different graffiti artist ? I dont know it all looks good to me lol. xxx

Anonymous said...

that's funny, like weird - i was just thinking that we're also shooting ourselves in the foot allowing the press to castigate the religous orders.. you're right, no one should criticize us - Brendan K

Anonymous said...

As we enter into another empty tourism season it is mind boggling that those who form part of the city council regime should allow the ever spiralling dereliction (including the graffiti)of cathedral square and the John Roberts building. Maybe they would be better served listening to those who have the future of our city at heart rather than disgorging vapid statements in the press and elsewhere.

D. Lad

Cllr Mary Roche, Waterford said...

If you choose to mis-interpret my comments in this way then that's your prerogative. I know that's not the truth or the intention of my remarks as do you. The problems are valid and I will certainly work towards eradicating them - insofar as is within my gift. My point was merely that this is not the message to be sending abroad right now. That helps no-one.

Michael said...

I agree. It is a good thing to be able to see the problem but it is far more important to be able to envisage solutions and to focus on the positive aspects. Waterford needs to look to all its positives. We need to become a bit more upbeat about things. Wouldn't it be an idea to draw up a list of all the beautiful features of Waterford. To give a start to this we have the river Suir which gives us a beautiful quay and a place to moor boats. There is heritage around almost every corner of the city with walls and towers and beautiful churches. We need to map this and start selling our city. What if we created a theme for our city as we approach them return of the tall ships. Imagine if all the shops in Waterford starting adopting a nautical theme now. We need to see dereliction as opportunity for tasteful development (and maybe for revenue raising through contamination notices/fines!!)

Anonymous said...

look forward to you addressing the issue of Cathedral Square in this blog, BK

Kledi said...

Maybe we should ask ourselves why would Jack Burtchaell shot himself in the foot (as you put it) and risk damage to his business by publicly talking about the drunks and graffiti in our City maybe he was hoping that the CC would open their eyes and see what he sees most nights when he is out walking and promoting our City, his business is being damaged by drunks harassing both him and his clients, which I have seen on more then one occasion, as far as I am aware it is illegal to drink alcohol on the streets here in Waterford yet take a walk along the Quay, the plaza, Hanover st. the public park just to name a few and you will find drunks drinking openly. I would gladly walk down Temple Bar in Dublin at night but I will not walk down the quay after 9pm
It would be interesting to know who you spoke to in the tourist industry I have a feeling their business is neither on the quay nor on the City walking tour, we should work together to make our City prosper, no more have we Waterford Crystal to pull in the tourists which was the main reason America tourists paid us a visit we do have Mr. Burtchaell maybe we should help him make his job easier and our City safer.
We have a beautiful City one I am very proud of but I feel its beauty is slipping away