Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Waterford Ommission

I know it's another small thing but I am getting completely paranoid about Waterford being left out of things now.

Someone rang me today, incensed, having watched the one o'clock news on RTE to see Waterford left off of another map. I've just had the chance to view it now on their website and it was a launch by An Taoiseach of an Ogra Fianna Fáil 'Holiday At Home' campaign. And yes, sure enough there are big obvious routes plotted from Dublin to Cork, Limerick & Galway but none to Waterford (the home, lets not forget of the FF Minister for Tourism. (It's the first story - where they doorstepped him for his response to the Snip report).

When will people start copping on and realise that they cannot leave Waterford off these types of promotions. Rememer Cian Foley and his campaign with TV3. What about the Forfás report on our cities as ecomomic drivers - with no Waterford in sight.

The An Bord Snip Nua report recommends stopping funding regional aiports and has negative things to say on creating any more Universities. Like the Government needed something to hide behind on that one! Tough times are ahead for us all. And for Waterford. If it was an uphill struggle before (and it was) then it's going to be almost impossible from now on!

Can Waterford Ogra please ensure that this is (a) rectified and (b) does not happen again???

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Kevin said...

Dear Mary,

Ógra FF have noted your comments and regret that you felt that we were avoiding Waterford in any way.

This was not an intentional snub - Ógra have a very active unit in Waterford.

The map you saw on RTE reflected the route we took over the weekend and was not a reflection of the regions we were promoting.The literature we were using clearly advertised holidays available in Waterford.

Ógra Fianna Fáil will be hosting their next National Committee meeting in August in Waterford City.


Ógra Communications

Cllr Mary Roche, Waterford said...

And a less polite email received subsequent to this blog from Ogra FF. I have thanked them for the informataion and mild insults. MR

The reasons why Waterford City was not included in Ógra Fianna Fáils Holidaying at home Campaign which took place on the weekend of 20th of July, was Firstly Waterford City Ógra are hosting a BBQ for other Ógra Cumann during Spraoi weekend and this was decided before the destinations for Holidaying at home campaign were selected, furthermore Waterford City was at the time, in the running to host Ógra Fianna Fáils Lisbon Treaty Yes Campaign launch. For this reason it was decided that Cork, Limerick and Galway would be selected for the “Holidaying at Home” campaign as a number of events were planned for Waterford City in the near future.

Secondly UCC Ógra were hosting a charity night in Cork on that Saturday to raise money for Anti teenage suicide campaign. It was felt, and rightly so, that cork should be a destination to support our fellow members in this cause.

The final reason was that the ideas of the campaign itself was to promote staying in Ireland for your holidays, not just in the particular cities chosen so it was inevitable that many places with plenty to offer in the way of tourism would be left out. Furthermore this campaign took place over a weekend and many of our members have work and educational commitments so our time is very limited and so are the places we visit.

These were the specific reasons why Waterford was not included in the “Holidaying at Home” Campaign, it was not a reflection of Ógra Fianna Fáil to Waterford at all. I am sure if one of the other cities were left out instead of Waterford a councillor from that city with nothing else better to do than complain about a political youth wings activities would also be writing into the local papers instead of contacting the local branch directly. Should you have any questions or issues regarding Ógra Fianna Fáil, Please email or myself directly at and we will get back to you.