Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Long Battle - But We Made IT!

It has been a long two days. Fifteen hours yesterday with a recount called at midnight. That meant another 6 or so hours today. But it has been worth it. I got elected to the fifth seat (of six) in this ward.

I would like to commiserate with my former colleagues Mary O'Halloran, Joe Kelly and Tom Murphy who all lost seats. All were disappointed but dignified. I would like to congratulate all who got elected, old and new and all who ran. It can be a pretty bruising affair and it's not an easy decision to put yourself in for that kind of scrap.

We're back to just one woman on the Council again unfortunately. A backwards step in my opinion. But as ever it is up to the voters and we must accept their decisions.

To Liam and Liam (husband and uncle), to Dad & Mum, to Kevin, to Larry, to Eileen, Annabel, Frances and Ailish (who cleaned the whole house AND babysat last night!!) a BIG thank you. You have been a great support all through the campaign and in the last few days.

To everyone who helped, haggled and made it happen, thank you. To everyone who voted for me - especially the number 1'ers - thanks a million. I hope that I can continue to deserve your vote for the next 5 years.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail, thru this blog or on the telephone.

Now. The washing machine is mid-cycle. The oven has a casserole in it. The voice is still gone. But normal life is returning slowly. I enjoyed the campaign but I am glad that it's over!

Thanks again.

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