Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dishonest Fianna Fáil Election Promises

Copy of Press Release Issues to Local Radio Today:

"Fianna Fáils promises of recent days are merely a repeat of undelivered promises already made in the run up to previous elections", claims Independent Waterford City Councillor Mary Roche. "These have all already been welshed upon by Fianna Fáil and they have a cheek rolling them out again," she says. "Do they really believe that the electorate will fall for them again?" she asks.

I would caution people not to take any Fianna Fáil promises whether on University designation for WIT, or anything else too seriously, said Roche - as the electorate know well, we have heard those promises before and they have lain undelivered to this day.

Listing undelivered promises by Fianna Fáil, Cllr Roche cited public radiotherpay at Waterford Regional Hospital, University status and the delivery of Breastcheck as the most important and dishonest.

She urged the electorate not to believe current promises by Fianna Fáil who were in a desperate dishonest fight to salvage this election. "I would just ask people to examine their promise versus delivery ratio on the issues mentioned above," she said.

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