Saturday, May 23, 2009

Suir River Walk

One of the things I have had a lot of feedback about from our canvassing newsletter 'The Roche Approach' is about the River Suir Walk, pictured above.

Many people were not even aware that this walk existed with some even asking for directions to get onto the walk.

The piece of the walk pictured above is accessed at the bottom of Maypark Lane just at the entrance to Kings Channel. If you turn left at the river bank there you soon access the path above. It's a fairly decent walk going in along the river bank and in good enough nick to roll a pram, for example. It has always amazed me that this walk isn't choc-a-block with walkers but perhaps most people don't know about it!

There are other entrances, down Island Lane, take a left after Powerscourt and some more further in. Not all parts of the path are as easy as the picture above so wear proper flat shoes. The views across the Suir to Great Island and Kilkenny & Wexford (even) are stunning.

The walk offers a tranquil and beautiful haven literally yards from the busy Dunmore Road and deserves to be visited by all Waterford people. It is a wonderful asset to this part of the City. As I mention in the newsletter, it is the City Councils' ultimate aim to make the walk longer with an aim in the Development Plan to make it accessible from Waterpark to Cheekpoint. However, this is proving extremely difficult with some crossings long gone (like the bridge accross the road at the end of the lane at the side of The Cove Bar) and in other places, people extending their gardens right out to the river bank.

Anti-social behaviour is also a problem on some parts of the walk and a trip down to the wooded part behind Ballinakill Downs will yield plenty evidence of fires and drinking. I have invited the Director of Services for Environment and our Horticulturist to walk this, with a view to filling in some of the more hidden nooks and crannies and to clearing out the lower scrub. This would make it much more difficult to hide in the area and may assist in the elimination of such activity.

All in all though the River Walk is a real gem in the City. Everyone should get out and enjoy it. Be aware that there is no lighting so the walk can only be enjoyed during the now plentiful daylight hours.

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