Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I won't be putting up posters for the Local Elections

After mulling it over for quite a while I have decided not to put up posters for the forthcoming Local Elections.

I don't believe that posters are popular with the public and as such I do not intend to erect any election posters in the run up to this years' election on June 5th.

Putting up posters has come to be seen as a defacing of public property with complaints about them increasing every time there is an election. I will have comprehensive literature with me on the canvass and I would hope that it and my track record of hard work over the last 10 years will see me through.

Putting up posters s a huge job anyway (for my dad!!!) and a thankless one. People do not want to see them on every pole.

I also welcome the new regulations limiting their use. Posters can not now be erected until May 7th, one month before the elections and must be taken down within 7 days of polling date.
Photo: You won't see me up on the poles this year!

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