Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can Brian Fob Us Off: Get Out & Vote

Brian Cowen says he's going to carry on, regardless of the results of the Local, European and By elections. Can he really? I think not. And I'll tell you why.

Firstly let me say that IF Fianna Fáil get the verdict in the ballot box that they're currently getting on the doorstep (and, yes that is a big IF. I'm not convinced that there isn't some dastardly deed at play that force voters pencils down to the FF names!!!!!) then the Taoiseach in my opinion will be terminally damaged. On a number of fronts. Crucially he will be damaged as leader of his own party. Secondly he will be damaged as Taoiseach of this Country and finally but most damaging of all he will have been told by the electorate in no uncertain terms: we don't want you.

In the face of that verdict how long would it take for his Government partners and his own soldiers of destiny to tell him that they don't want him either - even if only to save their own skins.

He's putting on a brave face at the moment - almost a 'you might as well vote FF because we're not going away you know' attitiude. He's trying to stem the tide. But thats only serving to make him seem even more bully-ish - a fault I'm afraid that he falls into far too easily.

But I think that as Taoiseach he is removed from the real, almost physical anger that is out there for the FF party. People are spitting fire about FF on the doorsteps. They are feeling real and actual pain and they want to 'thank' Fianna Fáil for getting us here.

I don't think that even the Taoiseach will be able to ignore a result of that magnitude. Politicians by the very nature of democracy must have a mandate to Govern. If Brian and his party lose that mandate, then how can they justify continuing? They should not be allowed to fob off the electorate - that would be adding insult to injury in this current climate.

If it's that bad (IF people come out and vote, that is) then any democrats in government must surely see that they must give the electorate the courtesy of listening to them. They must resign the mandate which - although in my opinion they never had in the first place - they assumed they had.

Its a test: is FF a democratic party? Can they claim that and still remain in power? I don't think so.

But as I say: it's an IF. The die-hard Fianna Fáilers will vote. It is imperative that people use their vote because if they don't, then they don't have the right to complain or to demand anything - even accountability. It should be the first question asked of people with a complaint: did you vote. And if they didn't...well in my book, they are the designers of their own destiny.

It's the only FREE thing left to do in the country. GET OUT AND VOTE - whatever your preference on June 5th.

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