Friday, May 15, 2009

Handing In Nomination Papers

Yesterday we headed off to City Hall to lodge the nomiation papers for the Local Elections. For Independent Candidates we must either bring 15 assentors from your area to nominate you, or pay a €100 deposit.

Having brought the assentors on the last two occasions (an unbelievable hassle!) I opted for the deposit this time.

Pictured above with me are (back row) Carein Keating (my darling baby girl), Liam Keating (hubby no.1), Rose Roche (beloved mum), Liam Roche (uncle, chief supporter and campaign manager), Larry Roche (uncle and 'godamn Goddaddy' - as he puts it), Eileen Roche (aunt and only other woman canvasser besides me! Thank you Eileen!) and & Frank Roche (dad, car display chief and most faithful defender). The front row is Fergus Galvin accepting the nomination papers, Cillian Keating (no.1 and only fantastic son) and myself. (Missing is my 15 years old Ailish who was in school!)

I was the 15th candidate nominated to contest this ward (Waterford City East - formerly Ward 2) and the 30th in the city overall. Wow!

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