Thursday, February 26, 2009

Waterford Myths

This is the beginnings of a list of Waterford and Irish myths. I intend to add to it as things strike me, so bear with me!

ICTU had no hand act or part in getting us into the mess we're in. They are above reproach and totally blameless. (Yeah right - Pontious Pilate anyone?)

The new Accident & Emergency Unit at WRH. It's on the way. (Pull the other one.)

In some mystical future, everyone in Ireland is going to be working in the knowledge economy. (Oh please!)

The Government never saw this economic road crash coming. (Despite fuelling the juggernaut that caused it!) They were all looking the other way. LOL!
Picture: Government couldn't see the wood for the trees (as my mother would say)!


Stan said...

Hello Mary. The "knowledge economy" makes a good buzzword but you can't magic jobs out of jargon, especially when you don't support the infrastructure and its users.

Is the photo from Waterford?

Cllr Mary Roche, Waterford said...

Hello Stan. Thats why its a myth. We want it to be real but unfortunately its not. Photo was taken in west Cork, Guagán Barra if my memory serves.

Stan said...

Thanks Mary, it's a lovely photo.

In case it wasn't clear, I was referring to the sitting government's failure to invest properly in high-speed broadband, especially coverage in rural areas. And don't even get me started on eircom!