Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Decision Better than a 'NO' Deccision!

I see in todays Munster Express the front page story by Tom Young titled 'University for Waterford It's a Big NO'.
Although I'm quoted in the article I have to say that the title does not yet reflect my actual opinion on where WIT's application currently stands.

On reading the letter Pat (Cllr. Pat Hayes) refers to in the article there is nothing new in here that suggests to me that the Government has made a decision one way or another (a crime in itself indeed). The reference to the different missions of IT's and Universities has been in all their letters and while it is not exactly positive, it isn't exactly a No either.

Believe me, if and when we are told no I will call it, but until then, I just have to continue to hope and pray - it is such a critical issue for the South East - that no decision is better than a 'no' decision.

I have heard through sources and those who claim to know him (I don't and have never met him) that Batt O'Keeffe is his own man and is not unfavourable to the idea. Who knows? We shall see. But where there is life, there is hope. WIT has received positive comment from many International Professors who are in this game; who have written reports for the OECD, who have adjudicated around the world on similar applications. Can it all really be denied?

It is one way for the Government to reasonably cheaply (on a cost benefit analysis basis) counteract some of the negativity that pervades our country right now. One way for them to demonstrate that they are thinking positively - rather than just fighting bush-fires all the time.

Until we are definitively told no, I think we should continue to fight; continue to believe; continue to dream that one day the reality of having a world class University on our doorsteps will soon be ours.

Lets hope its not a pipe dream. Because the way things are going in Waterford at the moment, if we lose this one, last one out can simply turn off the lights.
It ain't over till the fat lady sings!
Photo by the way, is my sister in law Catherine Keating who graduated last year with an Honours Degree in Architectural Technology, with Professor Kieran Byrne and yours truly (looking a little worn out it's true). Buala bos Catherine!

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