Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things are bad, BUT....

You know I'm reminded amidst all this doom and gloom that I still have all the things that are really important and really make my life worthwhile. I have my kids. I have my husband. I have my mum and dad, my friends and colleagues - my health and their health.

All these things are the same as before all this s**t we've gotten into. So keep focussed on the positive stuff and don't let the media or the government make you feel bad just because things are tighter. If you still have the important stuff thats the main thing. Be happy about it. Everything else doesn't define us. It doesn't make us who we are. Not jobs. Not houses. Not cars. Not getting revenge. Look up I say and don't let the b*****ds get you down.
Photo shows the late lamented beautiful brigantine Asgard II now at the bottom of the ocean. At least we're not sunk yet!

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