Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Second Bridge Proposed for Waterford City Centre

In recent years I have been continually arguing for long term strategic infrastructure improvements for Waterford City. In advance of the planning framework proposal being submitted for The North Quays I now want to re-iterate my call for a second city bridge for Waterford city centre.
It is my contention that a second vehicular river crossing from the south side of the river at The Tower Hotel should be included in the infrastructure requirements for the development of the North Quays and for the city itself. Or at the very least its future delivery should be factored into the overall proposal.
In recent months I am aware that investigations have been on-going regarding the possibility of building a bridge further down river with access via Maypark Lane. However I am convinced that the results of those investigations will show that this is the wrong location for a number of reasons: namely because the river itself would be too difficult to traverse at that point and perhaps more importrantly because the roundabout at the top of Maypark Lane on the Dunmore Road is already one of the busiest traffic points on one of the busiest roads the city with little opportunity for road improvements in such a densely populated location.
Most importantly I believe a second city centre located vehicular bridge - in addition to the pedestrian bridge - is required to facilitate the amount of traffic accessing The North Quays and indeed to facilitate the amount of traffic already accessing the City Quays. As to whether it would be better to look at a one-way traffic flow system once a second bridge is in place or whether it would be better if both bridges have two-way traffic is something that would have to be examined in detail.
I have included a photograph of where I believe the new second city bridge should be located here.
Proposed location for second city centre bridge
It should cross directly from the end of The Mall (right in front of Reginalds Tower/The Tower Hotel) and link up with the North Quays and Ferrybank Dual Carriageway giving access to both South Kilkenny and indeed on to New Ross and Wexford.

I would ask that Waterford City & County Council executive would examine this proposal with a view to its' inclusion in planning for the expansion of the city centre onto The North Quays.

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